• COOL Doesn’t Have to Cost

    Posted on September 29, 2013 by in Chirps, What's Hatching

    Warhol Dollar Sign

    Great aesthetic isn’t a matter of price. It’s true that color and composition are the key components to a fabulous work of art and excellent technique is critical to executing the piece. However, SMART ART and the artists that create it understand the importance of making art assessable.

    Robin B Gallery has partnered with artists who know that the most important part of art is connecting with the community and creating affordable pieces so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase original one of a kind works.

    Have you ever thought that if art is hanging in a gallery then you must not be able to afford it? Nothing could be further from the truth at Robin B Gallery!

    A new acquaintance recently mentioned that he had just purchased a poster from a big box retailer. It was a mass produced piece imported from another country. By the time the piece was framed it cost around $125 – but all he really owned was some glass and metal from the frame. The “art” was of no value. For only $50 more, he could have purchased an original work of art that would be a unique investment that could potentially increase in value – all while supporting the efforts of another American. All of our art is made in the good ole USA by American artists.

    If it’s that you don’t know what you like or how to select a work that fits in your space, our knowledgable staff is able to assist you. With more than 35 years in experience in architecture, design and fine arts, Robin B Gallery will make sure that you have the perfect fit for your space – and your budget.

    No longer do you have to break the bank to buy art.  At Robin B Gallery, owning cool doesn’t have to cost.

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    Gems & Jewels Trunk Show featuring Robin B Gallery Jewelers, November 21-23, 6-8 pm.

    Purchase that perfect gift in time for the holidays!

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