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    Posted on September 30, 2013 by in Upcoming Exhibit

    Colleen Clark

    HOT Art COOL Jewels Exhibit: November 5 – December 3

    Gems & Jewels Trunk Show: November 21-23, 6-8 p.m.

    You’re not going to want to miss the November exhibit and trunk show for the upcoming holiday season!

    Robin B Gallery is featuring the sizzling work of hot painters Allison Osborn, Azadeh Hussaini, Jeff Bryner, Sian Hardie, Johannah Hall and Amy Van Winkle along with our tony jewelers – Mary Beth Brudnak, Sarah Andrie, Anne Marie Vacco, Rachel Timmins, Romy & Clare, Jill Duzan, and Colleen Clark.

    Allison Osborn’s unique painting style mixes color and texture to create an urban landscape on canvas. Azadeh Hussaini’s color explosions add a punch of life to any interior. Jeff Bryner’s miniature canvases sneak a dash of dynamic interest into any small ¬†space. Sian Hardie’s interpretive work juxtaposes color, contrast and composition.¬†Johannah Hall’s captivating style draws the viewer in while engaging you in the experience of high intensity color and form. Similarly, the quiet sophisticated style of artist Amy Van Winkle mesmerizes you in a dream-like state of soft mysterious tonal landscapes. All provide a magical abstract illusion through the rendering of hues, texture, composition and technique.

    Architectural silversmith Mary Beth Brudnak creates edgy jewelry pieces symbolic of tiny, yet powerful, structures. Her imaginative and complicated assemblies add the visual punch needed for that little black holiday dress hanging in your closet.

    Electroform engineer, Sarah Andrie, showcases natural forms through the use of gold and silver. Her ability to bring the outdoors in through jewelry allows you to become one with nature.

    Anne Marie Vacco, goldsmith, creates classic jewelry that will test the age of time. Through the use of exquisite gemstones and 14K gold and white gold, Anne Marie’s designs are meant for the serious collector of fine jewelry. Honor that special someone with a custom creation.

    The playful work of jewelry artist extraordinaire, Rachel Timmins, is wearable pop art. Young and old alike can have flirty fun wearing these affordable, interesting pieces. Throw a bit of color splash to your apparel with Rachel’s Rapid Produce!

    Romy & Clare’s pottery jewelry pieces are like adding an artist’s canvas to your outfit. Whether a raku tile necklace, or a geometric tile ring, each piece is hand-made and painted to perfection. Add some zest to your dress and look your best.

    Through the artful combinations of semi-precious and precious gems, Jill Duzan’s creations marry color and composition in a way that accentuates each and every stone. Each unique piece highlights the beauty of the jewelry as well as the person wearing it.

    The feminine juxtaposition of Colleen Clark’s work is seen through the use of dainty chains and large medallions to creative cable and heirloom charms. Colleen captures the essence of women through her strong, yet sensitive designs.

    The bold and colorful creations of jewelry artist, Allison Osborn, are as exciting to look at as they are to wear. Artwork in and of themselves, each piece is handcrafted using the finest semi-precious stones. Liven up your wardrobe with an AO art piece today.