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     The Only Cool Thing About the Ann Arbor Art Fair was the Work!

    While the entire summer months are a grueling time for artists, none are more so than July.  Even the toughest of road warriors soon become weary from schlepping their creative wares from city to city, “basking” in the sun, and answering one to many questions like “what is this supposed to be?” And while putting on a happy face is simply part of the deal, the long hours and hot days can make even the most passionate creative more crazy than usual. Robin B Gallery salutes our artists whose love for what they do drives them to do it even in the worst of weather.  Curator Allison Osborn road tripped it to Ann Arbor to explore what is deemed to be one of the largest art fairs in the United States and to support our involved artists – Jenny Pope, Steve Keating, Mary Jane Erard and Meg Seier-Hood. They were graciously good sports about allowing us to photograph them in “less than best” circumstances as everyone was trying to survive the heat.  But – as you can see from the photos posted below – both the artist and the art look great! Congratulations to our artists on such a terrific showing!

    Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013

    The Ann Arbor Art Fair is a collective group of four separate award-winning art fairs. According to the website, “The Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original is the oldest of the four Ann Arbor Art Fairs and was established in 1960 by a collaboration between the Ann Arbor Art Association, the University of Michigan, and two business groups. This fair is held around the Burton Carillon Tower, a clock tower on the central campus of the University of Michigan, and features almost 200 artists, along with a number of other hands-on activities and performances. In 2004, the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair was named number one on the AmericanStyle magazine’s list of “Top 25 Fairs & Festivals,” and has been ranked on the list almost every year since.” Most seasoned art fair participants and goers recognize this as the “best of the best” of the four individual venues.