• If Other Professions were Paid Like Artists

    Posted on April 15, 2014 by in News from the Neighborhood

    So often, artists and galleries alike, are asked to give work away. The request is often stated around “giving exposure” for marketing purposes or in support of a worthy cause. Because marketing through donations or installation of work can be a good way for those in the Arts to get involved in their local communities and get their name out, most will entertain and engage such proposals.

    Since Robin B has opened its doors in October 2013, the gallery has supported many worthy community events and causes through in-kind donations and installation of work. Has such efforts provided additional exposure? Possibly, although such a statistic is difficult to confirm. However, has supporting the community and its causes directly supported the artist and created sales for them? The answer is easy. No. The fact is, giving work away does not result in supporting the artist or the Arts, but rather diminishes the opportunity for sales, being able to create a livelihood, or enriching the economy by doing so. 

    In the end, the only way to truly support the Arts is through purchase. If you know an artist, if you love art, if you care about supporting small business and artists, then BUY ART, don’t simply admire it. 

    Through this cartoon art, one can better understand what it would be like if other professions were paid like artists.