• MEET THE ARTIST: Jeff Bryner

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by in Meet the Artist

    Jeff Bryner

    Abstract Artist, Jeff Bryner, may have a quiet exterior – but that’s because he has a colorful personality hidden inside that explodes on canvas.  Jeff’s amenable disposition has allowed him to work in a variety of capacities while capturing the essence of his environment. His past lives include being an incomparable flight attendant and exemplary concierge for luxury hotels. And while his former professions have offered many advantages – from traveling the world to dining at the finest restaurants, his passion remains steadfast – translating his visions of the world into art. Whether his view from a balcony abroad to one in his own backyard, Jeff’s snapshot of time reveals his sensitivity to his surroundings. Robin B Gallery is pleased to have connected with this California artist and to share where he draws his inspiration.

    RBG: Why did you decide to pursue ART as a profession?

    JB: I fell into painting after attending an art party at a friend’s house and decided to paint something large for my house. It opened my eyes and mind to the fact that I might have some sort of artistic talent and after two short classes, I found a studio and an audience for my work.

    RBG: Who are you most influenced by as an artist and as a person?

    JB: One of my mentors is fellow Chicago artist Darrell Roberts. He really encouraged me to follow my desire to paint. I admire his use of bright color and texture.

    RBG: What motivates you?

    JB: Color and nature.

    RBG: What’s your favorite color?

    JB: Red, because it can represent many emotions from love to anger.

    RBG: What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

    JB: I always want painting to be my joy not my job and will continue to create as long as possible.

    RBG: What impact do you hope to achieve as an artist?

    JB: As an abstract artist, I hope to force people to use their imagination is interpreting what they see in my work.  

    RBG: What is the most rewarding part of being an artist?

    JB: Having a way to express myself creatively and being able to use art as personal therapy.

    RBG: What advice would you give to a young artist?

    JB: Don’t stop creating and don’t take yourself too seriously. Just enjoy the process.

    RBG: Who would you love to meet and what would you ask them?

    JB: I have always admired Vermeer and his use of light. I guess I would ask him about his subject use and process since little is known about him and his art.

    RBG: Where would you love to live or travel?

    JB: Every time I think of this, my mind instantly takes me to Paris. I have fallen in love with the City of Lights and it’s art and culture.