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    Posted on March 7, 2014 by in Spotlight on Design

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    When the dynamic design duo of Bories & Shearron undertake an architectural interior assignment, you can bet that the results will be breathtakingly beautiful. Steeped in tradition, with accents of modern touches, these two creatives don’t know anything but exacting details and exquisite finishes. From the initial concept to architectural completion, Bories & Shearron work with design clients one-on-one through the meticulous process of making sure every interior feature has both form and function.

    Because of their ability to transform a space into something spectacular, this sought after synergistic team is consistently demonstrating why design is so important. Whether it’s a small renovation of a vintage, or a total aesthetic overhaul, Bories and Shearron take the same measures – a dash of design sense with a dose of perfection.

    In the first of a series called SPOTLIGHT ON DESIGN, Robin B Gallery highlights the firm of Bories & Shearron to learn more about their work and how art plays a role in what they do. Here is our one-on-one interview with the touted twosome. 

    Name of Firm: Bories and Shearron

    Location: New York City

    Type of Work: Residential

    Specialty: Co-op apartment renovation

     List of Projects Completed:

    • Apartment, Upper East Side, NYC, 3,300 SF

    • Apartment, Upper East Side, NYC, 1,900 SF

    • Apartment, Upper East Side, NYC, 3,600 SF

    • Apartment, Upper East Side, NYC, 3,600 SF

    • House, Southampton, NY, facade/garden renovation, kitchen, 300 SF

    Projects Published:

    • Apartment, 5th Avenue, NYC, Elle Decor, 2009

    • Apartment, 57th Street, NYC, Elle Decor, 2013

    • Apartment, North Avenue, Chicago, House Beautiful, 2013

    • Apartment, 5th Avenue, “The Big Book of Chic”, Miles Redd, 2013

    • House Renovation, Westchester County, NY, Elle Decor, 2009

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    RBG: How long has Bories and Shearron been working in design, as independents and collaboratively as a team?

    B&S: Bories and Shearron was founded in 2007. Richard Bories has worked independently and with architectural firms since 1986.

    RBG: What are your design backgrounds?

    B&S: Richard Bories received his Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. James Shearron studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and worked for Mark Hampton and Jed Johnson.

    RBG: How do you categorize your brand of style?

    B&S: Traditionally-based design made for modern living.

    RBG: What inspires you?

    B&S: American architects from the 20’s and 30’s (e.g. David Adler, Mott B. Schmidt, Philip Shutze, Delano and Aldrich).

     RBG: What separates your firm from your competition?

    B&S: Our ability to integrate traditional and classical design into modern environments.

    RBG: What is your “average” project, if there is one?

    B&S: Most of our projects are apartments around 2,500 SF and have a square foot cost of $700-900.

    RBG: How do you define good design?

    B&S: Good design lasts and ages gracefully.

    RBG: What design trends do you currently see taking place?

    B&S: A return to glamorous and sumptuous interiors.

    RBG: What makes for fabulous architecture and interior design?

    B&S: When the architecture, function, furnishings, and art all work together to create a seamless product.

    RBG: How do you define great art? 

    B&S: “Great art” is definitely subjective. We love when a piece that a client loves can be placed in a space and look “at home”. “Great art” is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

    RBG: How do you incorporate art into your interiors?

    B&S: We work diligently to accommodate the client’s art into each space. We carefully place discreet recessed lighting (we prefer plaster-in LED recessed lights) and make sure that every wall surface where art will—or MAY be—hung has a recessed clock outlet for picture lights. If the art lighting is part of the design from the beginning, we specify the fixture or incorporate the decorator’s fixture into the architecture.

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    RBG: Tell us about art that you personally love.

    B&S: (Bories) My art is very personal and eclectic. It ranges from original pieces of art – such as the Mary Jane Erard painting I purchased at Robin B Gallery – to paintings I’ve actually found on the sidewalk here in NYC. All of the pieces have a story: they were made for me by a personal friend or purchased a piece with the help of a trusted gallery like Robin B, or made an impulse buy when out walking through the flea market. 

    RBG: Is there a preferred way to showcase art in your interiors? Does the display impact the way in which it is viewed?

    B&S: (Bories) I rarely hang art—I have many of my pieces propped up against walls or on furniture: I always change my mind! I like seeing how pieces look during different times of day. The pastel I obtained through Robin B Gallery has ended up on the desk where I eat breakfast every morning. It shows a beautiful midwestern field (I’m from Michigan) and makes my mind wander to many hours spent in such a field as a child. 

    I also use picture hanging rods to display art. It lets me change the arrangement very easily; I’m always wanting to nudge a painting an inch this way or that!

    RBG: How and why do use utilize Robin B Gallery when considering art?

    B&S: (Bories) Robin regularly sends me the artist’s latest works—or works that she feels will inspire something in me based on my initial selection—to keep me abreast of her curator’s eye. I love the breadth and depth of her artists. 

    RBG: When you complete a project, how would say your clients describe the final product? 

    B&S: When our projects are finished, our clients are always amazed at the things about the project that they DIDN’T predict. As you know, drawings and models can convey only so much to a client (even to us, the designer). Our clients are always thrilled at the surprise of the experiential quality of the plan and finishes—something better than they ever imagined.