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    Robin B Gallery, Pooch Hotel & Evanston Animal Shelter host POOCH CENTRAL 

    This Third Thursday is an event that you won’t want to miss! Robin B Gallery, in conjunction with the Pooch Hotel and the Evanston Animal Shelter will be part of our Pet Portrait Artist Demonstration. POOCH CENTRAL will be hosted at the gallery on Thursday evening, May 15th from 6-9 p.m. Come watch our pet portrait artist in action, meet Russell and Payday in person, and have the chance to win pet prizes – including a stay at the grand Pooch Hotel in Lincoln Park! Come and find out who the lucky dog is going to be!

    Many, Many Thanks to our Sponsors for their gracious support of this event!

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    Loves: People! Belly rubs! Laying with his head in your lap.

    Not so crazy about: Being left alone in the kennel.

    What makes me special: I am a gentle guy. I am not a pup so you don’t have to put up with me chewing up your shoes or pulling you around the block when we go for a walk. My favorite thing is to just hang out with you and maybe do a little snuggling.

    Dream home: I could live with just one person or a whole house full of kids. I’m that kind of guy – I go with the flow. I am not super active, but would enjoy a couple of nice walks everyday. I’d love a comfy bed and would prefer if you don’t leave me alone for long periods of time.

    Adoption information

    Size: 50 to 60 pounds

    Children: Yes

    Cats: Not sure

    Dogs: Possible

    Housebroken: Yes

    Coat: Low-maintenance – brushing as needed

    Training: An obedience class is never a bad idea as it solidifies the bond between the dog and his new family. 



    Loves: Affection, people, treats and food! After a good long walk I’d love nothing more than rolling around on the floor getting my belly rubbed and falling asleep curled up next to you.

    Not so crazy about: I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy. Once in awhile I get too excited and start to tug on my leash like a rope toy, but you can divert my attention with a sit command and a treat and we can be back on our way.

    What makes me special: My cute face. My love of people. My enthusiasm. I am very treat motivated and learn quickly.

    Dream home: A family who can give me lots of opportunities to romp and snuggle, but can also give me the training I need to grow from an adorable pup into a terrific grown-up dog.

    Adoption information

    Size: About 50 pounds

    Children: Older children would be fine.

    Cats: Not sure

    Dogs: Good with dogs but could live as an only dog too.

    Housebroken: Yes

    Coat: Short coat. Some shedding but not excessive. An occasional bath, a good brushing once in awhile and a nail trim will be all that is needed.

    Training: A positive obedience class would be a good way to solidify the bond between Payday and his family and also fine tune his obedience skills.

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    Do you have someone special in your life that you just can’t live without?…and that special someone has four legs, a wagging tail, no expectations and is always happy to see you at the end of the day? If the answer is yes, then nothing is better than immortalizing your best friend with a pet portrait. It’s as easy as sending in your photos of your pet or pets, and within weeks you’ll have a loving, lasting wonderful work of art.