• MEET THE ARTIST: Amy Van Winkle

    Posted on November 30, 2013 by in Meet the Artist

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    Wax isn’t Just for Museums Anymore

    Encaustic artist, Amy Van Winkle, didn’t always have clear direction. It wasn’t until much later in life, with the birth of her son, Declan, that the things that she loved most became evident.  And even though for most of her adult life she didn’t create art as her primary livelihood,  creativity seeped into everything that she did. Perhaps it’s because art is not so much something you do as it is who you are.

    Along the way, from Amy’s various worldly jaunts to her own interpersonal journey, art somehow became an integral part of her life. What began as an exploratory path via painting, some how all ended up in wax. No, not the cheesy museum kind, but rather, her own interpretation of a more fluid form of expression than what painting had allowed her to achieve. The layers and layers of various colors and textures that she is able to form and mold, are about as deep as her own self. So even though her ultimate goal is to be part of a permanent museum exhibit, we know from her talent, that it won’t be her image shown in a tourist trap – it just might her own creations in the art kind.

    RBG: Why did you decide to pursue ART as a profession?

    AVW: Art has always been my passion, but it was always more of a side gig. I’ve had many enjoyable careers along the way, but nothing has fulfilled me like creating art. Although I’ve been painting and selling my work for many years, it was only after my son was born in 2011, that I had the opportunity to pursue art as a profession.

    RBG: Who are you most influenced by as an artist and as a person?

    AVW: There are so many artists who influence me. Any artist who has the courage to ‘make a living’ from selling their work is a rock star in my eyes!

    RBG: What motivates you?

    AVW: I find challenge motivating. Staring at a blank canvas is at times intimidating but very exciting too. Connecting emotionally with my art and seeing others connect with my work motivates me to keep creating. Wanting to make my family proud motivates me. Making money, so I can buy more art supplies and shoes, is very motivating!

    RBG: What’s your favorite color? (yes, this maybe cheesy, but people find it interesting when asking an artist)

    AVW: I’ve always been drawn to green. I find myself loving red now too.

    RBG: What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

    AVW: I have so many goals as an artist. I never thought about the ultimate goal until being asked. I would love to be part of a permanent museum exhibit some day.  

    RBG: What impact do you hope to achieve as an artist?

    AVW: I want my art to aid in creating environments that inspire and make people happy.

    RBG: What is the most rewarding part of being an artist?

    AVW: Seeing people connect with a piece I’ve created.

    RBG: What advice would you give to a young artist?

    AVW: First and foremost, follow your passion. But, if you want to make a living from creating art, treat it like a business. Take business classes and learn how to market your art.

    RBG: Where would you love to live or travel?

    AVW: I lived in Hong Kong for a short time and have done lots of traveling, especially in Southeast Asia. Those experiences had a huge impact on me and my art. I haven’t traveled much in Europe. I’d love to spend time in Italy. Maybe live on a vineyard, paint, eat and drink lots of wine.